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12 Fluffy Corgis in the Garden

Are you a dog lover? Or do you find corgi adorable? If your answer is yes for both, Corgi in the Garden Cafe is a place you can't miss out in Bangkok! Unlike most dog cafes, this cafe only breed corgi but there are 12 adorable corgis and they are all siblings. I heard originally the owner only had 5 corgis until one of the dogs got pregnant, seven puppy corgis were welcomed to the family, and the new cafe was officially born in 2018. Corgi in the Garden is not an ordinary cafe. It is a place where you can enjoy your drinks while playing around with the fluffy corgis.

Corgi in the Garden is not located in the city centre but you can take MRT to Phetkasem 48 station and then take grab to reach the place as the area is not walkable. In order not to make the corgis too tired to 'serve' the guests, customers can only enter the cafe during the available slot and each slot is limited to 50 persons. There are only 4 slots per day and the duration for each slot is 1 hour only.

Before the corgis serve the visitors, the owner keeps the corgis fit and healthy by letting them run in the garden of the cafe at least three times a day. The training session for the corgis and the limited slots for visitors allow the corgis to rest in between so they will not be too exhausted.

The corgis are not trained to just play around with the customer, but they are smartly trained. Each of them knows how to do special tricks such as 'sit', 'lie down', 'hand', and other tricks! As they all are siblings, the corgis like to play with each other more than with the humans LOL. In order to attract the dogs, the cafe sells some treats so that visitors can play with the corgis and make them show the special tricks to the visitors. The staffs of the cafe will also teach the visitors how to play and do the tricks with the corgis.

Besides the corgis are trained to do the tricks, they are also trained to pose for a picture with the visitors. The staff will give us some time to take picture with the corgis. The good thing is, they will not only take picture of us with the corgis, but they also make the dog to stay still around us! So all visitors can keep the good memories with the corgis ^^.

Corgi in the Garden

> Address: 338/1 Kallapaphruek Road Bang Wa, Phasicharoen Bangkok 10160

> Direction: Search Corgi in the Garden on google map

> Operating Hours: Tues-Fri 12.00-18.00 , Sat-Sun 10.00-18.00 *Closed on Mon*

No reservation, first-come-first-serve service

Session 1: 10.30 (Only Saturday and Sunday) Session 2: 12.30 Session 3: 14.30 Session 4: 16.30

> Entrance Fee:

•350 baht per person, get 1 drink. •450 baht per person, get 1 drink and 1 cake or ice cream.

Children under 2 years old are not allowed in the cafe.

In order to prevent unexpected bad situation, we do not allow other pet in the cafe.

> Contact:

Phone No: +66 62 865 6156



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