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Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

"Edelweiss...Edelweiss...Every morning you greet me, small and white, clean and bright, you look happy to meet me" - Edelweiss song from The Sound of Music movie

As it is said on Edelweiss song, Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park is a Swiss-themed village consists of many white, clean, and bright houses where you can enjoy Switzerland architecture, museum, gallery, experience programs (such as chocolate or cheese making experience, and others), art, and also the natural scenery. In this park, 10 of 32 buildings have different themes such as Love, the Nutcracker, Swiss culture, Cheese, Chocolate, Santa's village(you can make your own chocolate here!), Bear, Coffee, etc. This park is also a famous filming location of one of Korean's variety shows called "We Got Married Global Edition"(Taecyeon and Gui-Gui edition, 2010).

> How to get there?

From Cheongpyeong Station 청평역 (Gyeongchun Line)exit 1,

<by bus> (1hr)

walk for 15 minutes until Cheongpyeong Gongyeong Bus Stop (청평공영버스 정류장) - take no. 7000 bus - get off at Sorak Bus Stop (설악 TR 정류장) - take bus no. 32-10 bus - get off at Baechigogae Bus Stop (배치고개 정류장) - walk for around 5 minutes (360m) until Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park

<by bus & taxi>

From Sorak Bus Stop (설악 TR 정류장) - take a taxi (about ₩4,700+).

If you directly take taxi from Changpyeong Station, it costs about ₩12,800+ (22 min).

Tap here for map

> Operation Hours

Weekdays-11:00~18:00, Weekend-09:00~18:00

Click here for more information

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