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Embracing the Last Few Weeks of Summer - Ganghwa-do Tour

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

As the weather gets colder and leaves turn yellow, it means you have to get ready to say farewell to summer. It is true that summer is the hottest season but a lot of people are not ready for it to be over just yet. I mean, denim cut offs, tank top, beach, morning breeze, scorching sunshine up above, who doesn't miss it? So before the summer ends soon, this is a short getaway of embracing the last few weeks of Summer - Spending your last few weeks of summer in Ganghwa-do, Incheon.

Ganghwa-do 강화도 Tour - Part 1

Ganghwa Literary House - Ganghwa Anglican Church 대한성공회 강화성당 - Ganghwa Hwamunseok Culture Hall 강화화문석문화관 - Goryeogung Palace Site 고려궁지 - Ganghwa Peace Observatory (DMZ) 강화평화전망대

Ganghwa-do 강화도 Tour - Part 2

Jeondeungsa Temple 전등사 - Seongmodo Island 석모도 - Bomunsa Temple 보문사

Ganghwa-do 강화도 Tour - Part 3

Minmeoru Beach 민머루해변 - ATV - Hot Spring Resort (Foot Ba†h) 온천족욕 - Hotel Everrich (호텔에버리치)

This tour is sponsored by Incheon Tourism Organization (More details : +82-32-899-7300)

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