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Majo & Sady Cafe

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

If you are one of KakaoTalk users, you must be familiar with one of the emoticons called Majo & Sady :

Majo and Sady are originally webtoon characters, in which Majo is a brown bear and Sady is a white rabbit, and supposedly they are married..

These two characters are currently gaining their popularity in Korea. If you wanna be surrounded by these two cuties, you'd better not miss this cute cafe called Majo&Sady Cafe!

In August of 2013, the first ever Majo & Sady cafe opened up in Sinsa-dong of Seoul. Since then, other chains have popped up including two in Jeonju city and several more around Seoul (Dongdaemun, Nowon, and another coming soon to a spot between Cheongnyangni and Sindap stations). I decided to visit the newest one (and the easiest to reach) wich is located in Dongdaemun (near the Dongdaemun Design Plaza)

The food and drinks are quite pricey but the taste is comparable with the price!

The cafe is divided into two floors; first floor for order counter and store, second floor for the cafe and restroom

> Operation Hours: 10am - 11pm

> Address: 서울시 중구 광희동2가 172 (172 Gwanghee2-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul) > How to get there:

From Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station, exit 3, you can see the cafe across the road to your right. It's best to take the crossing that's a little to the left of the exit, as there isn't one in front of the cafe.

> Website:

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