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Get Out of Comfort Zone

I was born in a small city where everyone knows each other, well it does not mean we know each other as good friends but at least we know each other's face and each of us has mutual friends. I spent my 14 years at the same school. Yes. I went to the same school since kindergarten until high school. Going to the same building, meeting the same people, sounds boring, right? But the truth is, it was not. I had the best childhood and adolescence ever. Going to the same school made me know most of the students and friendship got stronger and stronger. Most of us continued our study at the same school, but during middle school and high school some of us went to a different school, and newcomers also came in the beginning of the semester. Back then my daily activity was basically going to school, going to a piano, English, and Chinese (only for a few years) private institution and then home. Everyday was repetitive. Nothing was really special but I felt comfortable and safe. I met my parents every day, hanged out with friends after school, played with my dog, went swimming in the weekend, for me that was the definition of happiness.

And the three years of high school went in the blink of an eye..

| "Great things never come from comfort zone."

I moved to a new place located 2,677miles away from my hometown. For the first time in my whole life I push myself to step out of my comfort zone. I chose South Korea. Why? Definitely not because of K-Pop or K-Drama (Ask me about any Korean singers' names and I probably will give wrong answers Lol) but because of the rapid economic growth, remembering Korea was a really poor country back then, and the advanced technology. September 2014 was the first time I set foot in South Korea and my journey begins here. I have to adapt from living in a small city where everyone knows each other, to be living in the capital South Korea, Seoul, which is a huge city with 10 times bigger population than my hometown. The most important thing is I have to get used to living on my own. It's not easy to find alphabet in most places, instead Hangul (Korean alphabet) can be seen everywhere. I have to use spoon and chopstick to eat instead of fork. People walk so much faster than most Indonesians. If I have to draw my life on a graph, back then my life was a static graph, but now it is so dynamic.

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