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Instagram-Worthy Cafes in Seoul

You can't say you've been to Seoul if you haven't explored the cafes. There are more than thousand cafes in Seoul that you can easily find in every corner of the city. I guess one of the reasons there are many cafes in Seoul is because most students prefer studying or doing assignment at cafe. Another reason is most Koreans will crave for coffee right after they finish lunch. And it seems that people go to cafe to meet up and just chill with friends or family. These are why cafe business seems to go well in Seoul and these days more and more cafes are doing instagram marketing by designing their cafes to be more instagrammable place LOL. AND if you get to spend time at any cafes in Korea, I highly recommend you to try the Einspanner Coffee (or Vienna Coffee) if you spot it on the menu!

Below are some recommended cafes in Seoul that definitely worth the price!

1. Perception Coffee 퍼셉션 커피

> Address: 16, Eoulmadang-ro 1-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 서울 마포구 어울마당로1길 16

(click here for map) > Phone No. : +8210-4551-5160

> Operating Hours: 09.00~24.00 (Tuesday Off)

> Instagram:

> Price: Coffee KRW 4,000~6,000 | Tea KRW 5,000~6,000 | Dessert KRW 1,500~6,000

> Signature Drinks: Flat White (KRW 5,000), Au lait Glace (Coffee with condensed milk| KRW 5,500), Einspanner (KRW 6,000)

> Personal Opinion: I was amazed once I entered the cafe. They offer new ambience, differ from the others, with authentic interior design and all wooden furniture. This cafe is definitely a unique place for photography. Unfortunately there is only one spot for picture because the cafe is rather small and there are not many seats, probably less than 20 guests can fit in. They brew the coffee right in the middle of the cafe, so we can see how they do it while waiting for our drinks. Me and my sister ordered Einspanner and Ginger Lemon Tea, they didn't serve the drink in a fancy cup but the taste was really good!

2. Rosy Brick 로지브릭

> Address: 23-10, Nambusunhwan-ro 226-gil, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Click here for map)

서울특별시 관악구 남부순환로226길 23-10 (봉천동) > Phone No.: +822-871-5043 > Operating Hours: Every day 12.00~22.00 > Instagram:

> Price: Coffee KRW 4,500~6,500 | Milk Tea KRW 6,500~7,000 | Dessert KRW 2,900~3,800

> Signature Drinks: Espresso Milk Tea (KRW 6,000), Strawberry Pavlova (KRW 7,500)

> Personal Opinion: One thing you will notice about the unique point of this cafe is: the bookshelf door! I was wondering how to get in until I realized the bookshelf is the door LOL. This cafe offers mix of vintage and European atmosphere with wooden and bamboo furniture. The location of the cafe is kind of hidden, roughly 20-minute walking distance from the subway station. The cafe size is also small but slightly bigger than Perception Coffee. All the doors in the cafe are designed as bookshelf and we can read the magazine (most of them are Kinfolk) while sipping our coffee! The Einspanner was really good too! Overall it is a recommended cafe to chill with friends or family.

3. Alternative Coffee Roasters 얼터너티브 커피로스터스

> Address: 26-1, Baekjegobun-ro 46-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 서울 송파구 백제고분로46길 26-1 (click here for map) > Phone No.: +822-425-0120 > Operating Hours: 11.00~23.00 (Monday off)

> Price: Coffee KRW 4,000~5,500 | Non-coffee KRW 5,000~6,000 | Dessert KRW 4,000~6,000

> Signature Drinks: Einspanner (KRW 5,500), Smashing Pumpkin a.k.a Pumpkin Einspanner (KRW 6,000), Noisegarden a.k.a Mugwort Einspanner (KRW 6,000)

> Signature Dessert: Black Sesame Cream Cheese Scone (KRW 4,500)

> Personal Opinion: The cafe is located near Jamsil area so it is rather far from the central city and you have to climb a bit, not very uphill but it is quite a distance. I guess that's why most people will drive here. Apparently this cafe is one of the most famous cafes in Songpa-gu, and it is located quite near to Lotte Tower. Even though it is always crowded, there are many seats so we don't have to queue for that long. Unlike two previous cafes, this cafe sells various kinds of dessert and the scone is the signature one. This cafe is famous for the Einspanner and they offer three kinds of Einspanner, my sister and I ordered the original Einspanner and mugwort Einspanner. Both the coffee and the scone's taste were undoubtedly very good!

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