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The Commons Bangkok

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

While there are tons of indoor shopping malls in Bangkok, The Commons is a unique place that differently lures us with a huge open space and different varieties of dishes. Diners can order their favorite dishes from the various food kiosks to dine at the central communal area before heading upstairs for dessert and shopping. The Commons, also known as Thonglor's backyard, allows visitors to bring their pet and it also provides a restaurant dedicated to children. This open-air mall bursting with creative new ways to bring people together.

Below are my personal recommendations to dine at The Commons:

1. Egg My God

Egg My God is a restaurant that egg lovers can't ever miss! Egg My God offers entrees including egg in the jar, which is a slow-cooked egg served with mixed mushrooms and breadcrumbs for ฿140 (about $4). They also have egg salad, egg hamburgers, and really any other egg combination you could possibly imagine.

Egg My God, +66 02 713 5950

2. Seven Suns

Seven Suns is a Japanese tea house that has previously opened its cafe in Ekkamai. For all matcha lovers, Seven Suns provides various matcha drinks from organic matcha green tea latte to matcha-avocado juice. I heard Seven Suns is owned by a guy who has background in traditional Chinese medicine and he was trying different approaches to healthy blends and cold teas to help people transition to appreciating plain teas.

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